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The Pros and Cons of Being a Sugar Baby: Is it Right for You?

Sep 21, 2023 | Tips

Trends come and go, and while some things may seem as if they were made especially for you, others, as trendy as they may be, are simply not a good fit. So, instead of letting yourself go with the trend, the smartest thing to do is find out what best suits your personality and lifestyle and go with that.

Even though it may appear as a dream relationship, sugar dating is not right for everyone. Sugar dating comes with a degree of freedom and a set of well-established rules that are exactly the opposite of traditional dating. When talking about pros and cons of being a sugar baby you need to keep in mind that someone’s con may be another person’s pro, so treat the information below as such!

The rules for online sugar baby dating

A sugar relationship is defined by the word “rules”, because for this type of unique relationship to work you need to start by setting up several rules to guide you.

A sugar daddy is not just your ordinary boyfriend, so you can’t treat him as such. Instead, a sugar daddy is usually a mature, financially secure person that leads a hectic, unpredictable life that doesn’t allow him to have a traditional relationship or on the contrary, offers him the window for a sugar relationship.

By setting up some ground rules at the beginning of your relationship, both the sugar baby and the sugar daddy knows what to expect out of this untraditional connection, avoiding from start any misunderstandings, jealousies, dramas and so on.

So, the pro of having some set in stone rules in a sugar daddy relationship is that you know just how available your partner will be, just how invested is he in your relationship, when you can and you can’t call him, text him or email him and when does he needs you to be available and what exactly is he expecting to receive from you – a partner in crime, a person to talk to, an arm candy for his social outings, company on long business trips and so on.

The con of having so many rules is that this type of relationship can be too cold or predictable for some, and even restrictive. So, if you are the jealous, passionate type of person, the one that pours her heart and soul into a relationship, getting too invested or too close to your sugar daddy could get you hurt.

The limited time spent with the sugar daddy

The pro aspect regarding the limited time spent together with your sugar daddy is that this gives you space for other activities, to go to classes, have a job, meet with friends, and have your own social life outside the sugar relationship.

The con aspect of spending so little time with the sugar daddy is that you can’t create a connection as you would in a traditional dating scenario. Also, if you are a control freak and want to know where your partner is or what he is doing, or you love attention and love to be spoiled and pampered as a girlfriend, due to its contractual nature, this may not be the relationship for you.

But that is the great thing about sugar dating, it is an exchange, a trade if you want to put it that way, where you give your time and attention for certain benefits. 

You can’t have the expectations you have in a traditional relationship, but you can have some amazing perks that you wouldn’t have in a classic girlfriend-boyfriend dating scenario. So, take your time, analyze the pros and cons, and see what best works for you!

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