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How to Negotiate Your Sugar Dating Allowance: A Step-By-Step Guide

Nov 22, 2023 | Questions

When entering a millionaire dating site as a new sugar baby, there are a few things that you must know for sure about yourself: what are your boundaries in terms of relationship; what is your desired compensation method; how must your sugar daddy be to please you; what type of sugar relationship you prefer – a long term one or dating multiple sugar daddies at once.

As you dive deep into the topic of sugar dating, there are plenty more things you need to know and find out, but the ones mentioned above are the “starter kit” for any new sugar baby entering the sugar dating scene.

When it comes to compensation received from the sugar daddy for their time and affection that they put into the relationship, the most desired compensation methods for sugar babies are a monthly allowance; paid tuition; paid student loan; and monthly gifts – such as jewelry, designer bags, shoes or clothes, or paid vacations.

Among all these compensation methods, by far the most desirable is the monthly allowance, because it offers a sense of financial safety and comfort to the sugar baby.

The sugar babies that receive a monthly allowance from their sugar daddies can rest assured, knowing that they have their finances needed to cover their daily expenses, while focusing on their studies, getting their dream job, or starting their own business.

For a lot of sugar babies out there, being in a sugar relationship with a sugar daddy found on a millionaire dating site also means having an open door to plenty of opportunities and chances to meet influential people that can help them in their careers or business plans.

So, here is where we step in, with a step-by-step guide of how to negotiate your sugar dating allowance!

First of all, talk about your compensation expectations from the very beginning, during the meet and greet – the first face to face date that you have with your sugar daddy. Tell him about how having financial stability helps you be a better sugar baby, one that can focus more on the needs of her sugar daddy, when you don’t have to worry about trivial things such as rent, paying the gas bill, or having grocery money.

After you’ve expressed your desire and expectation in terms of compensation method, be open and put all your cards on the table regarding your financial situation and financial needs. For this, you need to have your homework done in advance, so be sure to come prepared to the date. What does that mean?

Think about your monthly expenses and write it all down – start with the housing expenses like rent and bills; then go to the cost of those hygiene products that you buy once every two months; put down the average cost of food; the cost of clothes – you need to have a monthly budget for clothes, because you never know when you sugar daddy may invite you to a fancy place where you need to come respecting the dress code; medical costs; beauty and wellness costs – for things such as getting your nails done, visiting a hair stylist, waxing, yoga, gym, massage; and pocket money.

After you have all these costs written down on paper you have a realistic expectation of how much your allowance should be to cover your lifestyle and have some pocket money left at the end of the month. And if the sugar daddy asks you why you need that amount for your monthly allowance, you have the numbers written down to back your words.

Another important thing to mention to your sugar daddy is that your monthly allowance does not cover the travel expenses – when you go see him by car, boat, or plane. Also, make it clear that if he chooses to offer you gifts, those gifts does not count as compensation, but are merely his desire to please you.

After letting him know about your expectations in terms of compensation, be ready to be flexible. Because if there is chemistry and you really like each other things can always be negotiated and discussed so the both of you can come to an agreement.

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