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Elevate your game as a Sugar Baby

Mar 6, 2023 | Advice

What excites ladies so much when it comes to entering the Sugar dating world, some might ask! Well, it is all about the potential and endless possibilities that come with the role of being a Sugar Baby. And every Sugar Baby has one major goal: to enter a Sugar relationship with a top Sugar Daddy, because this comes with financial safety, opportunities and growth.

That’s why when you are a Sugar Baby looking for a Sugar Daddy, the main question to ask yourself is: “What can I do to stand out, to elevate my game, to make myself seen?”.

There are two aspects where you can work on when it comes to landing the ideal Sugar Daddy: your online presence (your Sugar profile) and your face-to-face presence (what you do to make an impression).

For your online presence there are two aspects to look after: your photos and your description. Don’t use professional photos, or generic photos with you posing stiff in front of a camera, or tons of selfies. Instead, go for uniqueness and realness.

Post photos that show all the different sides of you, that are showing your personality, your hobbies, your passions, your general vibe. These photos are the ones that seal the deal with a Sugar Daddy, because these photos tend to tell a story and are making the Sugar Daddy paint a mental picture of the two of you together in the context presented in the photo.

Regarding your description, stay honest, sweet and be specific when you talk about the things that you like or that you’re passioned about. If you say you are a foodie, talk about what type of food you like best, how does that make you feel, where have you eaten the most incredible food until now and so on; if you talk about your passion for books say what genre you prefer and why, what book you love best; if you mention traveling as your hobby, talk about the type of traveler you are, the destinations that you love best, how traveling makes you feel.

By being specific you are also authentic and real and that attracts the right kind of attention.

For your face-to-face presence our advice is simple:

  1. dress in clothes that makes you feel good, do not wear new shoes or new clothes on your first date, go for something that has been tested and works for you, a combo that gives you confidence, does not wrinkle, does not show sweat spots and so on;
  2. wear light, natural makeup – leave the fake lashes and fake nails at home, instead go for a natural look, that emphasizes your real beauty and glow;
  3. wear your hair as you feel most comfortable – wash your hair, spray a little perfume in it and wear it as you like it best, it may be up in a pony tail, or with big waves or straight, tucked behind your ears;
  4. read an online newspaper so that you can be up to date with the major topics worldwide, when it comes to politics, economics, culture and entertainment, because you can never know when an information will be useful during your conversation.
  5. order something you know for sure how it should taste and how it is eaten – do not try weird foods or things you don’t know for sure how are to be handled and with what fork. This way you will feel relaxed, confident, you will know the proper etiquette and you will also know for sure that you won’t feel sick after eating something new.
  6. be relaxed, energetic and active listen to your partner.

Every Sugar Baby looking for a Sugar Daddy should follow the advice above and try to be as genuine and natural as possible, because being real, being funny, being elegant, classy and smart, this is what truly elevates you as a Sugar Baby!

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