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Top Ten Myths and Misconceptions about Sugar Dating: Debunked

Oct 17, 2023 | Tips

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding sugar dating, especially from the ones that are simply side watchers and not really involved in the sugar dating world. But no matter how many myths are out there, when it comes to a sugar baby dating a sugar daddy nothing is black and white, and everything can be customed to your social status, looks, expectations and lifestyle.

With this article we’ve planned to take the most common sugar dating myths and misconceptions and debunk them one by one.

So here it is, our top ten sugar dating myths:

  1. All sugar babies are silly and uneducated.
    This is one of the most common misconceptions in the sugar dating world, thinking that if you have chosen the sugar baby career you must be a poor, uneducated, silly woman, with no brain cells or moral standards.
    But the truth cannot be more different than that, as most sugar babies are college educated, smart women that are only looking for someone to have fun with, to provide them with a lavishing lifestyle, or to help them with their monthly expenses, and why not, help them by opening some doors for their future professional endeavors.
  2. The sugar baby – sugar daddy relationship revolves around sex.
    This is another myth of the sugar dating world. But sugar dating is so much more than sex. Yes, in some cases, if the chemistry and desire is there, and is mutual agreed, sex can come into the picture, but is never a must and it never ranks first in the criteria of choosing a sugar baby.
    Sugar dating is about high-quality companionship, about having a beautiful and smart woman by your side when you need one, about dating on your own terms, about having fun without the restrictions that come with traditional dating.
  3. All sugar babies are top-model material.
    Just as in a traditional relationship, in a sugar baby – sugar daddy relationship the taste of both partners is different when it comes to the looks of their potential partner. Some sugar daddies may be into curvaceous ladies, while other sugar daddies are sport maniacs and are looking for a sugar baby with whom they can share their passion for the outdoors, so their ideal sugar baby may be a sporty-looking woman, with a muscular figure, or not so pronounced curves; or maybe the sugar daddy is looking for a bookworm to share his passion for books and historical documentaries, so he is looking for the intellectual-looking sugar baby.
    The idea is that each of us is different and unique, and my notion of beauty may not be the same as yours. That’s why there is no such thing as a mold in which you have to fit in order to be accepted in the sugar dating world.
    Just be you, be confident, be strong, and independent and find that sugar daddy that is looking for a person that meets your exact criteria.
  4. Sugar daddies are all old and married.
    Nowadays, just as there is an abundancy of sugar babies, of all colors, shapes, and cultures, there is also an abundancy of sugar daddy typologies.
    1. there is the old, rich sugar daddy that is looking for a sugar baby that can bring a ray of sunshine, happiness, a little goofiness, and laughter into his life;
    2. there is the middle-aged businessman that is to busy building his career, to invest in a long-term traditional relationship, so he is opting for a sugar baby to get all the perks of a relationship without the dreadful parts like meeting the parents, dealing with her existential crises, or having to spend time with her friends;
    3. there are the young, generational rich sugar daddies, that are looking to have time, are not eager to commit, and indulge into the rich and spoiled lifestyle in the company of a beautiful woman.
  5. All sugar daddies must be filthy rich.
    There’s no scale of how rich you need to be to get a sugar baby. The only thing you need to consider is: “am I capable of offering her with ease, the compensation and lifestyle she is expecting from me?”. If the answer is “yes” then you don’t have to be on top 100 Forbes richest men, to be a sugar daddy, you can be a small businessman, a corporate worker and so on, if you can provide to your sugar baby according to your initial agreement.
  6. Sugar dating is not like a real relationship.
    In a sense, yes, sugar dating is not a real relationship in the traditional way we are inclined to define a relationship.
    But a sugar relationship between a sugar baby and a sugar daddy must be built on trust, respect, openness to one another, mutual interests, and the excitement of spending time together. Are those not the same ideals that stand at the base of a great traditional relationship? So, we can say that from some points of view a sugar relationship is a lighter, non-restrictive version of a traditional relationship, but it is a real relationship without a doubt.
  7. Sugar dating is about luxury and a lavish lifestyle.
    Some sugar relationships are based on expensive gifts being offered to the sugar baby, by the financially potent sugar daddy, but there is more to dating a sugar baby or a sugar daddy, than exchanging gifts and splurging yourself in luxury. Sugar dating is about bringing together two people that have the same views and expectations when it comes to a relationship, that are sharing the same interests, and that have chemistry between them, and about offering one another a barter-type of relationship, based on mutual agreed compensations.
  8. A long-term sugar relationship means marriage.
    Some long-term sugar baby – sugar daddy relationships lead to marriage, but those are the exceptions and not the rule. The beauty of a sugar relationship is that you can lead a parallel life, constructing your own future and working on your own passions while dating a sugar baby or sugar daddy. So, no, not all long-term sugar relationships lead to marriage, cause we don’t live in a fairytale, this is reality, ladies!
  9. Being a sugar baby is easy.
    All outsiders think they can do better than the ones involved in the action. This is also the case with sugar babies. All the ladies not doing the sugar dating thing think that being a sugar baby is easy peasy lemon squeezy, but it’s not!
    Being a sugar baby involved a lot of time to prepare, being up to date with social events, being prepared to have a discussion on mostly every single topic of interest for your sugar daddy, being always happy and relaxed, always bringing you’re A game, and not being able to have a bad day. You are a performer, and no matter how you general mood is, you need to look and act as if you are on cloud nine. Is this easy? No!
  10. Sugar babies are the same as prostitutes.
    No, sugar babies are not prostitutes! Some sugar babies never get to meet their sugar daddy in person and only have an online/phone relationship, while others have a no-sex relationship with their sugar daddies. Sex in a sugar dating scenario is a choice not a must! Also, a sugar baby can back out of the sugar relationship at any given time if she is not feeling comfortable anymore.

These are our top ten myths related to sugar dating. If you know some more myths that needs to be debunked, let us know or share your experience.

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