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How to Keep the Spark Alive in a Long-Term Sugar Relationship

May 7, 2024 | Advice

Sugar dating is so different from regular dating in so many ways, but there is still something in common between those two: the need to keep the spark alive, especially when you are in a long-term sugar relationship.

Sugar dating is divided into two main types:

– the short-term sugar dating, where as a sugar baby are looking for a sugar daddy that can offer you some immediate benefits, such as allowance or luxury gifts, and as a sugar daddy you are looking for an arm-candy for a fancy business or social event, or for a sexy companion on a weekend getaway, or for a good-looking partner for a movie and a date;

the long-term sugar dating, where both sugar daddy and sugar baby are looking for someone to share their free time with, without the nasty parts of a traditional relationship – things such as meeting the parents, spending time with your partner’s friends, or pretend to like the things that your better half likes.

But how do you keep the spark alive when you are committed to a long-term relationship with a sugar baby or a sugar daddy?

Well, the answer is quite simple and is closely linked to the first dates you’re having with that potential sugar partner: you need to choose the person right, based on what really matters to you.

If you are all about getting a gorgeous arm-candy that will make you feel validated as a strong alpha male, that is envied by everyone when he walks into a room, then choose a sugar baby that is smoking hot and that’s it. But be sure not to have further demands later on during your relationship, because you must always remember your selection criteria: “I’ve chosen this sugar baby because I wanted an arm-candy not someone to discuss politics with, or talk about the latest book released by my favorite author, or share my passion for hiking on a Sunday morning”.

If you are all about having a sugar baby that shares your passions and interests, then make sure that during the first couple of dates you ask all the right questions that will help you decide if you share the same interest and values with the sugar baby in front of you.

When you know exactly what selection criteria you are having, and what matters most to you, stick to that and don’t pretend more from your sugar partner!

Now that you’ve made an educated decision when choosing your sugar partner, here are the things that you can try to keep the spark alive during your long-term sugar daddy – sugar baby relationship:

1. Learn to listen

Be genuinely interested in what your sugar baby/sugar daddy is doing at work or during his/her free time, ask targeted questions instead of general ones – so, instead of asking “how was you day?”, try asking “how was that meeting you were preparing so hard for? Everything ok?”.

This shows that you are not asking just to be polite and that you are really listening to what he/she is telling you and are genuinely concerned about his/her day. And knowing to listen and to ask personal questions can be a real turn on in a relationship!

2. Talk your partner’s love language

What does love language mean? It is all about knowing what your partners sees as a love sign from your behalf, and keep in mind that the gestures of love and attention you are making to show him that you care, can go unnoticed because those gestures are not the same as the gestures he considers as signs of love – so you have different love languages.

So, during one of your dates, have a chat with him about what he considers a way to show your affection – he may say he sees receiving gifts as a way to show your love to him, or doing something to please him, like cooking a good meal or giving him a massage when you feel he’s tense, or complimenting him on something that he has done and boosting his moral, or maybe he feels like you taking your time to sit by his side and have quality time together is a gesture of love. And the same goes for you.

Talk about your love language and try to respect it. If he believes in you doing things to please him, as a sign of affection, do that! If you want to hear compliments from his behalf, tell him that and ask him to verbally express his admiration towards you.

Talking the same love language will definitely keep the spark alive, as you get to offer exactly what your partner wants and needs and not what you believe that he may need and want.

3. Try something new together

Trying new experiences together is really a bonding activity. So, make a list of the things you want to experience as a couple and try doing them. It can be something extreme such as paragliding or going to a cooking class together. Just sit down and make a list and try to make the things on that list happen, because nothing keeps the adrenaline going in a couple than doing new things together.

4. Laugh, laugh, and laugh some more

A partner that can make you laugh until you feel like you cannot breathe is one hundred times more valuable than a doll-looking woman, because laugh is the biding glue that keeps a long-term couple together. When you laugh your brain chemicals go crazy and you feel ecstatic, happy, loved, and worry-free, and isn’t that the purpose of having a sugar relationship?!

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