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What is SugarDaddy?

At SuggarDaddy Dating you will find meetings based on honesty. Here successful and financially inde-pendent men, so-called sugar daddies , meet young and attractive women, called sugar babies . Both partners clearly and openly state their wishes and needs right from the start.

In contrast to traditional relationships, sugar relationships focus on positive and fulfilling aspects be-tween two people as well as on the freedom of the individual.

Sugar babies benefit from their sugar daddy's lifestyle and success. The sugar daddies set themselves apart from the male contacts on classic dating portals with style and experience. Sugar daddies are men who understand women and can get them excited about their lives. A date with a sugar daddy can open the door to previously closed worlds for you. They can also benefit from their date as a mentor and ex-citing adventure.

The appeal of a sugar relationship for men lies in the ease and joy of experimenting with a usually younger partner. He enjoys the company of a beautiful lady and shows her the pleasant side of life.