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Sugar Dating Etiquette: First-time Sugar Daddies/Babies

Oct 19, 2023 | Tips

As a first timer knowing all the rules of the game can be challenging, especially when you are a first timer in the sugar dating world.

The sugar world is so vast and varied that may seem scary for the sugar babes that are eager to start their sugar careers, especially when there is such an abundance of sugar baby and sugar daddy profiles on sugar dating platforms.

That’s why, as a newcomer in the sugar baby – sugar daddy world, you need to set up your expectations and make them as close to reality as possible. Think of what type of sugar baby you want to be, think of how your ideal sugar daddy must be, and think of what type of compensation you are after – a monthly allowance, a paid college tuition, regular luxury gifts, paid vacations and so on.

Next, after you’ve figured it all out and you know what you want, it is time to know the basic sugar dating etiquette, so that you won’t mess up as a first-time sugar baby or sugar daddy.

Rule no1: Boundaries

Having a sugar baby or sugar daddy comes with boundaries that need to be discussed in advance, at the meet and greet – the first date between the sugar baby and the sugar daddy, where you discuss the terms of your sugar agreements.

By putting your cards on the table and being totally open and honest about what you can offer and what you want to receive in return, and by clearly stating what your boundaries are, there will be no misunderstandings in the future.

Some sugar daddies don’t want to be called or emailed, some sugar babies want to have every Friday or every weekend off, other sugar daddies want an exclusive sugar relationship, other sugar babies want a certain dating scenario or a certain type of gift. Name the terms clearly and respect other persons boundaries.

Rule no2: Honesty

This is not your regular, traditional relationship, where certain topics seem to be taboo. Be honest about your marital status, be honest about your educational background, be honest about your lifestyle and the limitations that may come with it, and always be honest when you make a commitment, so that you won’t promise something that you can’t offer.

Another thing you should be fully honest about is when the initial sugar agreement is not working for you anymore. People change, your life changes, and so do your expectations. So, if you feel like changing some aspects of your sugar relationship, be honest about it and talk to your sugar partner.

Rule no3. Trust

Never break your partner’s trust and never try to look on your date as a money-making machine that you can profit from. Always keep your word, because losing your partner’s trust is the worst thing that can happen to your relationship.

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