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Building Trust and Boundaries in Sugar Dating Relationships

Aug 7, 2023 | Advice

Having trust and healthy boundaries into any type of relationship, no matter if it is sugar or traditional, is the foundation of a long-lasting connection between the two partners.

That’s why when you start a sugar relationship it is vital to know how to talk to a sugar daddy, how to properly express your thoughts and ideas in a clear and concise manner and how to step in and change the narrative when things turn from good to challenging.

Yes, we are not all great communicators, we are not all extroverts ready to pour our hearts out and share all our thoughts and feelings, but when it comes to establishing a good sugar baby – sugar daddy relationship, talking about boundaries is a must.

Introverts and boundaries

So, here is what you can do if you are a emotional or introvert person: think about what your boundaries are, lay your ideas and thoughts on a piece of paper or on a note in your phone, think of how you want the conversation with the sugar daddy to go, make a structure so that you can follow when talking and stick to it.

By having a structure of your main ideas and by thinking of them in advance you get to overcome your emotions and introverted nature and make your desires and thoughts known. And this is how you can successfully know how to talk to a sugar daddy.

Respected boundaries build trust

Discussing boundaries and respecting them in the long run is how you build trust. So, boundaries and trust are interconnected and go hand in hand, because by having boundaries trust will automatically come.

There are multiple layers when we talk about boundaries. There are physical boundaries, emotional boundaries, intellectual boundaries, sexual boundaries, and financial boundaries!

  1. Physical boundaries
    These are the boundaries connected to our physical sense of safety. If we are not comfortable with someone standing too close to us during a conversation, setting the right distance for us, the one that makes us feel comfortable when engaging with another person, means setting a physical boundary.
    Having healthy physical boundaries also means not allowing others to harm you in a physical manner. That’s why is important to have this safety conversation with your sugar daddy, to state from the very beginning that you have zero tolerance for violence and that you value your personal space and don’t let others violate it.

  2. Emotional boundaries
    These boundaries refer to our emotional wellbeing. By not letting others verbally bully us, or by being able to stop and withdraw from a conversation that harms us and drains us of energy, we manage to keep our emotional boundaries intact.
    So, being a sugar baby doesn’t automatically mean that you must always be the go-to person for your sugar daddy to vent his frustrations or problems. If one day you don’t feel like listening to his problems and you are feeling burdened by them, the healthy thing to do is discuss it openly with him by simply saying:
    “I am sorry but today I am not feeling that great and I don’t feel that I would be a good listener”, or “Sorry, I sense your frustration and anger, but I just don’t feel good enough today to be a good listener. Maybe we can postpone this conversation for another day when I feel better, and I can help you”.

  3. Financial boundaries
    hese are simple boundaries that revolve around money. If you are not receiving from your sugar daddy what you’ve agreed in advance, or if you are the one not respecting the initial agreement, this is where the financial boundaries come to keep things on track.

  4. Intellectual boundaries
    The intellectual boundaries consist of having your own beliefs while respecting the idea that your sugar daddy’s beliefs may be different from yours and that’s ok. We are humans, we are different, and we are entitled to our own opinions if these opinions don’t interfere with other people’s freedom.
    Respect your opinions and respect other people’s opinions as well, don’t try to push your convictions or let others bully you into accepting theirs.

  5. Sexual boundaries
    These boundaries are connected to what we feel comfortable doing in our most intimate moments and what we don’t feel comfortable about. Letting our partner know about these sexual boundaries of ours is our responsibility.
    Talking with your sugar daddy from the very beginning about the big no-no’s sexually speaking, and about the things that are making you uncomfortable in bed is a must. And the same applies for your sugar daddy also because we all have our own limitations and boundaries when it comes to sex.

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