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What Makes Me a Good Sugar Baby?

Feb 6, 2023 | Advice

To sell you must know the product/service you’re selling. The same applies in Sugar Dating! If you want to stand out from all the profiles existing on Sugar Baby apps you need to really know yourself and your worth, have confidence and put yourself in the best light possible.

For you to be able to sound convincing when you present yourself on a Sugar Baby app as being a top Sugar Baby, that can offer a 5 star companionship service, you need to answer yourself one important question first:

“What makes me a good Sugar Baby?”

When you know the answer to that question, you can really start creating your online profile and market yourself as a one-of-a-kind, smart, gorgeous woman that you are.

So, start small and think about it like this: what makes you special in the eyes of your friends and in the eyes of your potential partners?

Make a list of the things that make you a great friend. It may be your great listening skills, your empathy when it comes to the struggles the ones around you are facing, your sense of humor, your outgoing, adventurous personality, your positive nature or on the contrary, your realistic and honest way of seeing life.

All the things that you put on that list are important personality traits that must appear on your profile because they talk about who you are as a person, about your soul, the way that you think and the way that you are in relation to someone you like and respect.

Now, make a second list with all the things that describe you when in a relationship: we are talking about things such as your sense of loyalty, your playful nature, or maybe your personality as a lover, your great listening skills, the fact that you are attentive, elegant, sensual, and loving, your kinks and the things that arouse you. All these will paint a vivid image on your lover skills, in your potential Sugar Daddy’s mind.

Now that you have a list of realistic attributes that makes you the ideal Sugar Baby for a certain type of Sugar Daddies, start putting all these things in writing and double it all with photos to support your claims.

Say it as it is and stand confident, knowing that you are an asset and have so much to give to your future Sugar Daddy.

What we believe makes you a great Sugar Baby is:

·   The quality of your photos and their genuine nature. We are talking about photos that capture your personality, your smile, your unique self, photos depicting you in multiple situations, creating your potential Sugar Daddy a certain image on how the two of you could spend your free time together.

·   The quality of your description text. Make sure you have your grammar on point, and make sure that you keep your own, personal tone of voice, without trying to pose as someone that you’re not.

·   Your quality as a human being. And this can be seen by the Sugar Daddy in the way that you dress, act, and talk during your first couple of dates. Be honest, be fun, show personality, ask questions, listen and overall be in your best shape.

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