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Sugar Dating – Bliss or Lie?

Sep 22, 2022 | Advice

Romantic relationships, forever lasting love, conventional dating, sugar dating! There are as many types of relationships as there are individuals. We are all unique and we are all searching for that something, that is perfect for us, for our lifestyle, for our needs, for our expectations, for our own vision of how our lives should be and how happiness should feel.

So, asking yourself is Sugar Dating is bliss or is it a lie, is like saying that in this world everything is either black or white, dismissing the idea of nuances. But that’s what makes relationships work, the multiple nuances of life and the multiple nuances of love. And that’s exactly what Sugar Dating is, a nuance, a different way of looking into your soul, see what its craving for an delivering it.

Sugar Dating may be bliss for some and a lie for others, it all depends on two main things: your expectations and your boundaries!

Did you set a strong set of boundaries when you’ve started Sugar Dating? If the answer is “Yes”, then the chances that you are in the Sugar Dating is Bliss, category are high. If the answer is “No”, you might feel like Sugar Dating is a Lie, that everything is a mirage and a path to bad habits. And it could be, we don’t deny that! Because without a clear set of personal rules, combined with a clear set of Sugar Relationship rules, this lifestyle can really mess you up.

Sugar Dating – a Lie for some

Annabelle, 26

“I’ve fallen into the Sugar Dating lifestyle life a fly into a pot of honey, headfirst, mesmerized by the possibilities, wanting it all, not looking into the future, not securing a future for myself, living the moment, splurging with all that my Sugar Daddies were so eager to give me.

I never thought that I should look at being a Sugar Baby as having a job, with responsibilities, limits, and a life outside work, and that was my biggest mistake. Heavy partying, alcohol, no limits on what I was spending. This is how my normal life was looking.

I’ve started to spend my time with a different crowd, because I was afraid that my old friends would find out about my Sugar lifestyle and I was slowly losing myself and doing a lousy job as a Sugar Baby, because exhaustion and my messy lifestyle were taking a toll. I’ve lost my Sugar Daddies and I ended up facing a cold, harsh, reality, where I needed to have my life changed completely. I went to therapy, reconnected with old friends, got a job and slowly, in a couple of years, managed to reclaim my life. I don’t think Sugar Dating messed me up, I did it by falling into a fantasy I’ve told myself”

Sugar Dating – Bliss for others

Michaela, 29

“I am into the Sugar Dating world for 7 years now. I’ve started working as a Sugar Baby after a friend suggested I can be a great fit. I was struggling with my day job that wasn’t enough to pay off my student loan, so I made a Sugar Baby account and was surprised to see I’ve had two Sugar Daddies in a matter of a month.

After two years of juggling three Sugar Daddies with different expectations, I met my current Sugar Daddy with whom I have a long-term relationship. My first two years were a little harder because I had to juggle my schedule to accommodate three different Sugar Daddies – one wanted a companion for his work travels, so I was busy for like 3-4 days a month, another wanted a dinner and a movie type of relationship, it was a divorced attorney that just wanted someone to talk to and to feel listened and understood, and the other was a little bit more demanding, he was also kind of unpredictable with his schedule and that messed up my personal time, so I cut the Sugar Relationship short after six months of Sugar Dating.

My relationship with my current Sugar Daddy is more than I could wish for. What works perfect for the both of us is that we have a clear agreement on what my part in this relationship is and instead he provides me with a monthly allowance that allows me to have a good lifestyle and to run my own business. We are good friends; he supports me, and I give him the space that he needs. For now, this Sugar Dating situation works perfect for the both of us, but in the future, I would not exclude getting out of this arrangement to focus more on my personal life.”

So, as you can see, Sugar Dating can be bliss for some lie for others. It all depends on how you plan your life, what decisions you are making, how you are investing your money and how much you care for your own personal space.

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