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The Sugar Daddy-Sugar Baby Relationship: Understanding the Dynamics

Oct 11, 2023 | Tips

Every relationship is different, no matter if we are talking about a traditional relationship or a sugar baby – sugar daddy one. The dynamic of the relationship is given by the two partners involved in it, their personality traits, their actions, and their expectations.

So, we can easily say that every sugar relationship has a unique dynamic, the only thing that’s common to all sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship being the starting point, where the rules are being set up.

Every sugar daddy has its rules when it comes to entering a sugar baby relationship, depending on his lifestyle, his available time to allocate to the sugar baby and his needs.

When starting as a sugar baby in the sugar dating world, the first thing you need to do is find out what type of sugar daddy you have encountered:

  • there is the “sugar daddy text only”, that are looking just for someone to have occasional chats with;
  • there is the “sugar daddy occasional dates”, that is not looking for a long-term commitment but needs someone that he can call and book for a date when he needs an arm candy for a business or social event;
  • there is the “sugar daddy looking for the girlfriend experience”, this one is looking for a sugar baby that can offer him the experience of having a traditional girlfriend but without the nasty parts and the responsibilities that comes with it, things such as meeting the parents, dealing with girlfriend tantrums, pretending to like her friends and hang out with them, joining her at the things that she likes and so on;
  • there is also the “sugar daddy with a party mood”, this type is looking for a stunning, hot, naughty, and wild sugar baby that is available to travel with him and keep him company during business trips, on weekend getaways, on sex-capades and so on.

By finding out what type of sugar daddy you are having in front of you, you can have realistic expectations regarding his involvement into the sugar relationship, his availability in terms of time, and his willingness to provide you with the benefits that you are expecting.

The most important stage in a sugar baby – sugar daddy relationship is the early stage, when the first meetings are taking place and the two partners talk things through, see if there is any chemistry between them and if they are on the same page when it comes to expectations.

This is the time when the dynamic is being set, when the sugar daddy is saying what he can offer in terms of time and attention, and states his expectations from the sugar baby, and the sugar baby names the compensation method that best works for her.

It is very important to be open and honest with your date, because only by naming all that there is on your mind you will not set yourself for a relationship doomed to fail.

Put all your cards on the table, be honest with yourself and with your partner, think carefully about what you envision your life as a sugar baby/sugar daddy to be, and ask for the things that will make you feel happy and content.

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