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Sugar dating vs. traditional dating

Jun 28, 2023 | Tips

Sugar dating has started to gain more and more followers, due to the sense of freedom that it brings and the endless possibilities of having a relationship perfectly fitted to your lifestyle, expectations, and desires.

Although both terms revolve around the term “dating”, sugar dating cannot be farther apart from traditional dating. You can even say that sugar dating came as a response to the limitations of traditional dating!

While traditional dating is all about changing your lifestyle to fit your partner, sugar dating is all about maintaining your individuality, your sense of freedom, your habits, while enjoying the company of a person that can offer you all that you desire without having any requests outside the terms of your initial sugar arrangement.

What better way to date if not by dating a sugar baby that comes with all the perks of having a gorgeous girlfriend, but without any of the responsibilities?!

Traditional dating, just as its name implies, is based on the traditional values of a relationship – things like meeting the family and friends, worrying about making a good impression, being always available for your partner no matter what, going through good and bad together, facing girlfriend tantrums, jealousy and drama, and the list can go on.

Sugar dating, on the contrary, is all about equal partnership. Both partners have expectations and rules they need the other to respect, and they are not afraid to talk about all these freely and openly, from the very beginning of the sugar relationship.

So, why is sugar dating becoming so popular and many traditional daters are turning to this innovative way of dating?

The answer is simple: because it combines all the amazing parts of having a partner, without any of the nasty ones. You don’t have to meet the parents and make them like you, you don’t have to laugh at the jokes of her friends, you don’t have to stay by her side for hours while she is shopping, you don’t have to tell her what you do an where you are, every second of the day, and the list is endless!

Sugar dating is a form of dating between a sugar baby and a sugar daddy, where the two parties have a mutual agreement discussed in advance, that both have to respect.

As a sugar baby you get to state your expectations – it can be a monthly allowance, covering the tuition or college loan, paying for shopping sprees, going on paid vacations and so on. As a sugar daddy you get to name your desires and conditions, so that you can fully enjoy the company of a beautiful, smart, funny and playful woman, without having to deal with all the awful parts.

If you state that she can’t call you at a certain hour, she can’t text you or ask you about your schedule, if you state that you need her to be available for you every night of the week, and she agrees with your demands, you can be sure that these terms will be respected, and if not, you can end the sugar relationship at any time.

So, what will it be? Traditional dating or sugar dating? We think we already know you answer, and just like you, millions of sugar daddies are out there looking for the dream life next to a spicy sugar baby.

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