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Millionaire Dating for Busy Professionals: Tips and Strategies

Apr 28, 2023 | Tips

Dating a millionaire Sugar Daddy can be a real challenge for any Sugar Baby out there, due to his hectic lifestyle, busy schedule, unpredictable events, and his eccentric tastes.

But the reverse is also pretty difficult – dating when you are a millionaire Sugar Daddy, due to all the things crammed in your daily agenda, and the fact that you are already used to having a lot of independence and personal space, without having to consider of other people’s time and emotions.

That’s why it is really important for both Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby to have a plan and a strategy set up in place, when entering the sugar dating world, so that they can enjoy the perks of this type of dating, without feeling like they are giving up their freedom or they are not receiving all the things they thought they will.

As a Sugar Baby dating a millionaire Sugar Daddy:

Give him space for “silence time”.

When you are a busy Sugar Daddy, always on the go, always in meetings, dates and surrounded by people, having some personal time, some “silence time” is vital for your well-being. So, make sure that when the two of you have a date you pay extra attention to your partner, read his energy, and be ready to offer him some space to open up to you about what is troubling him, or even give him some time to re-charge, by simply being there and not overwhelm him with a lot of talking and so on.

Use your free time for your own pleasures.

Because your Sugar Daddy is a busy person, it is really important to know how to fill up your free time, so that you don’t feel like you are constantly waiting for him to free his schedule to make room for you. This constant waiting can become really frustrating and led to a lot of resentment, that’s why you have to talk with your Sugar Daddy in advance asking him to let you know when he’s busy, so that you can make plans for yourself.

Meet with your friends, read a book, do yoga, visit a family member, start a hobby, do things that are making you happy, so that you won’t feel like your entire life revolves around the moment when your Sugar Daddy finally makes time for you.

Become his partner.

A Sugar Daddy that loves his hectic work life will constantly be thinking about work, about the next big deal, about the next steps he needs to take to close a negotiation and so on. So, instead of pouting and becoming angry that he isn’t 100% present during your time together, you could change the strategy and become his support, his partner, the person that knows how to listen to him.

Give him a massage while offering to listen to his worries or plans, learn to be an active listener, learn about the things that he is passionate about, show interest and you will become so much more than a pretty Sugar Baby in his life.

As a millionaire Sugar Daddy, dating a Sugar Baby:

When you are a Sugar Daddy leading a busy, wild, and unpredictable life, there are some things to consider in order to better balance your life.

Set your priorities.

You are a great planner and an organized businessman, so why not be the same when it comes to your sugar relationship?! Plan ahead and make time for both business and pleasure, and also use the free time between business engagements to give your Sugar Baby some attention – it’s easy, fast and don’t cost much. Ask your assistant to send her some flowers, send her a text during a break, give her a call while you drive around between meetings, pay her a visit for a quicky.

Take some time off.

Always make sure you have some time specially dedicated to your Sugar Baby, a time where you close your phone, and you are not focused on doing business or anything else work related. This way, by taking some special time away from your hectic life, to spend entirely with your Sugar Baby, you will show her that you care for your relationship and she will feel the balance that you are creating between your business life and your sugar lifestyle.

It’s all about balance.

Life is not perfect, but as long as you put in the effort and try to balance things, your Sugar Baby will understand and support you. Make up for some missed dates by planning a very special time together, send her flowers, surprise her with a special gift from time to time, put in the effort and the results will soon appear.

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