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Major red flag when dating a sugar baby!

Jun 14, 2023 | Tips

Relationships are complicated, especially when you are a Sugar Daddy looking to date a Sugar Baby. Some are looking for long term commitments, others are in search of flings, while others are adventure seekers. That’s why the color flag system is a useful tool when in the sugar dating world.

A red flag is a stop sign, signaling that we’re heading towards a toxic, unhealthy sugar relationship, with a sugar baby that may be immature, may act like a gold digger or may be inclined to not follow the boundaries of a regular sugar relationship.

A red flag appears when we spot things related to the sugar baby’s personality or behavior that are not compatible with what we want when we embark in the sugar daddy – sugar baby relationship.

But, when red means NO, green means YES. So, in opposition to a red flag that signals all the things that should make us take a step back and abandon a relationship, the green flags are signs of a healthy relationship. Green flags may be things such as respect, open communication, honesty and so on.

In between there are the yellow flags that are things that we should consider, regarding the sugar baby’s personality or behavior, without them being deal breakers. We are talking about things that we don’t quite like in a person, but we can live with them.

Red flag when dating a sugar baby:

  1. She is over-controlling.
    A sugar baby that doesn’t respect the boundaries set for your sugar relationship is definitely not a keeper. If she calls you when she’s not supposed to, if she want’s to know where you are every second of the day, if she throws tantrums when you’re not answering her calls, if she closes her phone as punishment for you not calling her, if she treats your space as her own and takes to many liberties, these are all red flags that you should take into consideration. A sugar relationship is so special because it doesn’t involve such kind of control and girlfriend tantrums, so when the sugar baby is acting this way, you should consider it a sign to step back and end the relationship.
  2. She is manipulative.
    If the sugar baby tries to sell you lies or sobby stories just to earn your sympathy and to make you give her more gifts, more time, more attention, this is a red flag. Manipulation has nothing to do with a sugar relationship, so if you feel like you’re being manipulated by your sugar baby, think about ending it.
  3. She plays games.
    If your sugar baby likes to play mind games with you, and stresses you out with her double-sided nature, then this is another red flag to consider. There is no room for games in a relationship where the focus is on both sides getting what they desire. Transparency, honesty, and communication should be the steppingstone of a sugar relationship. Keep that in mind next time you feel like your sugar baby is playing mind games with you.

These are just a few of the red flags that you need to be careful about when entering a relationship with a sugar baby. There are plenty more red flags to consider, but those depend on your personality and your expectations as a sugar daddy.

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