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How to Date Two or More Sugar Daddies

Oct 3, 2023 | Questions

When you enter the sugar dating world as a sugar daddy the first thing that you need to consider is where to find a sugar daddy, what type of sugar daddy you are looking for, and what type of compensation you are interested in.

As a top sugar baby there are two scenarios you can encounter:

  1. Meeting one sugar daddy that wants total exclusivity and is looking for a constant relationship with a sugar baby that can be always available when he is needing her.
  2. Meeting sugar daddies that are interested in having occasional dates or are looking for companionship only for certain types of events, such as business trips, cocktail parties, or client outings.

Type 1

While the first type of sugar daddy is one that offers you a more reliable lifestyle, it is also the one that is the most demanding.

With a sugar daddy that is looking for all the benefits of a traditional relationship without the responsibilities of one the downfall is the fact that you have limited personal time, you must always be available for him, and you have little time for yourself or for pursuing other interests.

Type 2

The second type of sugar daddy is the one that is not interested in having a long term, relationship-like commitment with you. It is also a type of sugar daddy that is not inclined in offering stable compensation, such as monthly allowances, paid tuition, or paid student loans.

This type of sugar daddy is focused on the present and has not the time to get involved in a sugar relationship with only one woman, even if that woman is a professional sugar baby. With this type of sugar daddy, you can opt for a multiple dating scenario where you can have more than one sugar daddy, with similar requirements from you.

Think about it, if you have two or three sugar daddies that are looking to date you occasionally, you can easily work your way around those date, parties, or trips, focusing on your own private life and having more time and more freedom to do the things that you like.

But dating multiple sugar daddies at once comes with some rules you need to set for both you and your partners.

First, try to be as honest as possible. When a sugar daddy is requesting your services only on different occasions is not fair for him to also demand total exclusivity from you.

So, try to be honest and talk with your sugar daddies from the very beginning, telling them that in order to sustain such a lifestyle you need to be also available for other sugar daddies.

If one sugar daddy does not agree, you can explain that for exclusivity he needs to be a more constant presence in your life and offer monthly compensation. If this arrangement doesn’t suit him, you better take a step back and refuse politely, because it is better to lose one potential sugar daddy that asks for more but is willing to offer less, than do have to deal with his complaints and jealousy later on.

Set from the very beginning your own expectations and needs for personal space. Why do you prefer to have multiple partners? It is because of the free time and possibility to do more of the things that you like without constraints? Or is it because you need more free time to go to classes? Or maybe because you are in this sugar daddy dating scenario for the perks – gifts, trips, shopping sprees, and not the money?

No matter your reason, it is best to have it clear in your mind the purpose of choosing this lifestyle, this way everything will fit into place.

Do not over do it! That means that you must not over book yourself and start to date to mant sugar daddies at once. The ideal number is three! Try to stick to not more than three sugar daddies at once, if you want to do a good job while also having a personal life.

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