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The Major Red Flags in a Relationship with a Sugar Daddy

Apr 24, 2023 | Advice

Every new relationship comes with a lot of ups and downs, with things that you like and things that you dislike in the person you’re looking to connect with. But although establishing a connection with a potential Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby takes time and concessions, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay alert and see the potential red flags.

Sugar Daddy dating can be intense and even difficult, with so many fake profiles and fake people out there, that are having their own agenda. Even though many sugar daddy dating apps have established a very strong system meant to filter the members, some may still fit between the cracks, or thrive on sugar daddy dating sites that are not so thorough when it comes to filtering the suspicious profiles.

That’s why knowing what to look for when talking with a guy on a sugar daddy dating app, is vital if you want to have a real chance of finding a suitable Sugar Daddy to date in the future.

Here are the major red flags when dating a Sugar Daddy:

His profile is vague and lacks information!

If your Sugar Daddy profile is vague in terms of both photos and description, this should be a red flag to you. Fake Sugar Daddies tend to keep their profiles as vague as possible, using photos where you can’t clearly see their faces, photos taken from all sorts of angles, photos that may even be stock pics or photos taken from other people.

Another aspect to consider is their profile description. If this section is not filled with real information, that shed some light on how that Sugar Daddy really is, on how he thinks and on what his passions are, and is instead unpopulated with text, and has a vague quote copy-paste from the internet, that is a huge red flag.

A real Sugar Daddy profile should be personal, should contain real, clear photos and a description that is unique and that says something about the person in the photos.

Sexting from the beginning

If he starts sending you explicit messages with a sexual vibe, from the very beginning, that is a red flag! A true Sugar Daddy is here to find a Sugar Baby that can elevate his lifestyle, so he will be interested in things related to you – things such as your lifestyle, your career goals, your free time, your likes, and dislikes, leaving sex related questions to be discussed later on.

If the guy sends you a dirty message or even asks you for photos or videos, then report that profile to the support team of the sugar daddy dating app and move on.

An aggressive tone

When a guy you are talking to on a sugar dating site is becoming restless and even aggressive towards yourself, if your reply late to his messages, or if you are not online for a couple of days in a row, that’s a red flag situation. You have to stay away from overly possessive Sugar Daddies, that tend to feel like they have any type of control over your own free time. This is not passion but an aggressive, potentially dangerous situation that you must avoid.

Crossing your online boundaries

There are some general rules when it comes to online dating, and stalking your date on other social media accounts is a no-no, an undiscussed rule that should be respected by both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies. To put it in fewer words, things are like this: if he/she didn’t give you permission to move things forward and become friends on other social media, don’t just go ahead and send her/him friend requests on all social networks. That’s just creepy.

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