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Long-Term Sugar Relationship/Arrangement. How can I get one?

Sep 21, 2022 | Advice

You too can get a long-term Sugar Relationship/Arrangement, as long as you commit to it and you are willing to do the work. And that means, just like in any other relationship, traditional or Sugar Relationship, being actively involved in making things work, in satisfying the needs of your partner and in offering him what he desires and so much more.

It can be frustrating when you think about it – you having to do all that effort to please the Sugar Daddy. You can feel that it is not worth the trouble, or that it is just too much effort, but don’t forget the reward, and if you set your expectations so that they can match the effort you’re willing to put into this Sugar relationship/Arrangement, then you can be sure that it will all worth it!

Think of it as a job, a job where you must perform and bring your A game so that you can get your salary at the end of the month.

If you are slaking, and doing things without passion and energy, it will show, if you play hooky, it will show in the way you do your work, if you put just 50% into what you’re doing, again it will show. You get the point, do your best and you’ll collect the reward.

So, to make it short, you can get a Long-Term Sugar Relationship/Arrangement by doing your part, and doing it well, and by putting passion and energy into it.

Be a great listener

Think about it like this: the Sugar Daddy comes with a background of traditional relationships, where nagging, fighting and misunderstandings were the norm.

If you give him a kind smile, a warm hug, and a friendly ear that listens to his worries, his thoughts, his ideas, and that makes him feel good about himself, then that Sugar Daddy will come again and again.

Sometimes knowing how to actively listen, by looking in the eye, smiling, nodding, touching his hand while he talks, and so on, counts more than sex. Sounds crazy but the reality is that we come from traditional relationships where partners talk to hear themselves speak and not to resolve a conflict or a problem.

So, listen, be kind, be sweet and show appreciation and you are on the path to getting that long-term Sugar Relationship/Arrangement you were looking for.

Be a ray of sunshine

The Sugar Daddy comes to you to escape reality, so keep your reality out of his ears. Yes, you are entitled to have difficulties, to have a bad day, to feel crappy, or feel annoyed, but keep those emotions locked away for your personal life, handle them with your friends, your family, your therapist, do not share them with your Sugar Daddy.

He wants to come to you and find a sweet smile, a carefree woman eager to make his day better, a passionate lady that wants to please him, a lover full of energy and naughty ideas. Be his “go-to” place where he can feel relaxed, understood, and pampered and he will look for your company each time he needs an escape from reality.

He has enough drama in his life, don’t bring yours into the relationship, and we bet you’ll end up enjoying a long-term Sugar Relationship/Arrangement with your Sugar Daddy.

Keep things interesting

Come up with crazy ideas in bed and in your dating life, make him feel eager and excited about seeing you, this is the key to long-term Sugar Dating.

Always dress-up for him, look your best, be up to date with what is happening in the world, read about the things that he is interested in, so you can offer him a vibrant conversation.

This means trying and showing that you are taking Sugar Dating seriously, and your Sugar Daddy will surely see and appreciate all the things that you are bringing to the Sugar Relationship/Arrangement.

Show him that you care

Always show him that you pay attention to what matters to him, that you listen to what he is telling you, that you want to bring him joy. This will mean the world to your Sugar Daddy and will seal the deal for a long-term Sugar Dating Relationship/Arrangement.

Buy him that teddy bear that looks just like the one he was telling you about when he was a little boy, get those tickets to the concert that he is dying to see but never makes time to do it, taking him to a restaurant where he can enjoy a meal that he told you it brings him great memories.

All these small gestures show that you care and that you are a good, loving Sugar Baby, and count more than any Rolex you may think he would enjoy receiving.

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