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How does it feel to be someone’s Sugar Daddy?

Sep 22, 2022 | Advice

Being a Sugar Daddy is both a lifestyle and a responsibility. Power, freedom, excitement, these are the three tings that pop into our minds when we think of what a Sugar Daddy feels when in a Sugar Relationship with a Sugar Baby.

Being a Sugar Daddy comes with POWER

As a Sugar Daddy you feel that you have the power, the control over what you are going to get out of the Sugar Relationship. You don’t dive blindly into dark waters, instead you discus with the Sugar Baby the terms of the relationship, as if you were negotiating a contract. You don’t feel helpless to the mood swings of your partner, as you do on a traditional relationship, you don’t HAVE to do anything that you don’t like, you don’t have to walk on eggshells around your partner.

In a Sugar Dating type of relationship, you get to express clearly from the very begging what YOU want from the relationship, and what you are willing to offer as compensation. It may be a monthly allowance, it may be a “pay per date” type of agreement, it may involve you buying your Sugar Daddy designer bags, shoes, or jewelry, on a monthly basis, it may involve you paying your Sugar Baby’s college tuition or student loan, or it may imply you paying for your Sugar Baby’s vacations.

It’s a contract that the both of you discuss and agree. The terms are your own, the relationship is “custom made” to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Sugar Daddy is synonym with FREEDOM

This is what drives most men into Sugar Dating, the sense of freedom that they have in a relationship. Here there are no rules imposed to the Sugar Daddy, there are no family obligations, no meeting the parents, no pleasing the friends, no headaches or mood swings. The Sugar Baby is here to offer you her complete attention and to help you relax in her presence, and you just have to lay back and relax.

The freedom you get from dating a Sugar Baby comes from the feeling that you get to enjoy all the good parts of a relationship – great conversations, dinner dates, a good laugh, the full attention and interest of a beautiful woman, amazing sex and top companionship, without having to deal with the unpleasantries of a traditional relationship.

EXCITEMENT, the thrill of the Sugar Daddy game

This is what a Sugar Daddy feels when in a relationship with a Sugar Baby. He feels like he’s living the dream, like he’s always on a first date, when everything is perfect, is new and is intriguing. The role of a Sugar Baby is to offer to her Sugar Daddy the fulfilment of his desires, to be the embodiment of what he believes a perfect woman is.

Every date with a Sugar Baby is exciting, is thrilling, brings the unknown factor and every date is for sure a success! That’s what Sugar Dating promises and delivers.

Do you often wonder how it feels to be someone’s Sugar Daddy? Try it yourself and find out! There’s no recipe for the “perfect” Sugar Daddy. Anyone that has financial stability and is willing to follow the Sugar Dating rules, can be a Sugar Daddy. So, give it a try, make a profile, chat a little, date a Sugar Baby that fits your desires and financial possibilities and have fun!

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