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Exploring the Different Types of Sugar Daddy Arrangements

Aug 18, 2023 | Advice

There is not such thing as one way of having a sugar baby – sugar daddy relationship. Relations, both the sugar type and the traditional ones are fluid, are adaptable to our needs and our personalities. And that’s why when we choose the sugar lifestyle is not like going to a supermarket and choosing option A, B or C.

3 main types of sugar relationships

We make our own type of sugar daddy arrangement, depending on our personalities, our financial and emotional needs, our availability, and our expectations. Exploring the different types of sugar daddy arrangements is an adventure because nothing is set in stone when it comes to a sugar relationship. We are the ones making the rules and setting the boundaries by discussing it all openly.

  1. The monthly allowance

The most common types of sugar daddy arrangements include a monthly allowance. Most sugar babies choose this type of arrangement because of the sense of safety it offers. Knowing that by offering your time and attention for a certain number of days, for one month period, according to your initial agreement, you can count on a monthly allowance, comes with a sense of freedom and relaxation.

The monthly allowance arrangement is ideal for those sugar daddies that have a predictable type of schedule and some time on their hands. Because, for a monthly allowance they secure a certain number of dates, or a window of availability from his sugar baby.

  1. The student loan/college tuition

Another very common type of sugar arrangement is tuition/student loan coverage. Some sugar babies come into this type of sugar relationship so that they can get an assistance with their studies. This way they can fully enjoy the student lifestyle, explore an extravagant world offered by the sugar daddy and not be burdened by the tuition fee or student loan that they need to cover each month.

  1. The dating perks: traveling and gifts

A third type of sugar arrangement is one benefit based. This type of sugar baby – sugar daddy relationship is based on benefits as rewards. So, the sugar baby offers her time and full attention, occasionally and her reward consists in the adventure itself.

For example, if the sugar daddy needs to go on a business trip and wants some company, as a sugar baby you can tag along, get acquainted with important people that can open future doors for you, relax and explore a place you’ve never been to.

Or, going on an exotic vacation with your sugar daddy, or on a weekend getaway, or even a shopping spree in the capital of fashion. These are all amazing perks that come with having a strong, mature, wealthy sugar daddy. And being part of this lifestyle is a reward.

No matter what type of sugar arrangement you opt for, the most important thing is this equation is to know what you really want, what your needs are. This way you will have a relationship with a sugar daddy that will meet all your requirements and will feel like the effort is worth it.

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