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Do’s and Don’ts in Sugar Dating

Mar 27, 2023 | Advice

Finding a Sugar Daddy online is not as simple and fast as show shopping: you see one that looks perfect, you try it on and take it home. No, there is a certain etiquette in Sugar Dating and there are things to know and look for when entering a Sugar Baby app and when starting a conversation with a Sugar Daddy there.

Just like in a traditional relationship, there are plenty of do’s and don’ts to consider in both the process of finding the right Sugar Baby app or platform to use and in the way that you need to present yourself and behave.

In terms of finding the right Sugar Dating platform for you, things are pretty simple: look for a platorm/website/app that has complete information, that looks professionally designed, that has a support team that you can reach to for help and assist you.

When it comes to how you present yourself, here are the DO’S:

Come prepared!

Putting yourself out there, making yourself available for others it may also come with a lot of pluses and minuses, and your need to be prepared for them all. You will meet really interesting people, men that excite you, wild personalities, but you will be also facing difficult characters, people that may act and say mean things, that will want to bully, control or cheat you.

Come prepared for both the good and the bad and stay strong knowing that meeting that perfect Sugar Daddy for you it sure worth the trouble. Also, when meeting bad characters, men that talk to you inappropriate and act awfully, make sure to contact the website’s support team to help you!

Be unique!

Have a good, personalized “hello” message, use photos that are sending a message, a vibe, be polite and positive, smile when you talk with a potential Sugar Daddy, because even if you’re just exchanging messages, the power of a smile is huge and it can pass the screen barrier and be felt in your messages.

Safety first!

Always think about your safety and take measures to make sure everything is ok for you. For example if the Sugar Daddy you are chatting on the platform with seems to overstep your boundaries or starts to say mean, awkward things, take a step back and alert the support team of that website.

When meeting face-to-face for the first couple of times, do it in a safe neighborhood, choose a public place to meet and talk, alert a friend of your whereabouts, and check in with that friend when you get home safely.

The DON’TS of finding a Sugar Daddy online:

Keep your private information…private!

Even if he seems chatty and friendly and harmless, always keep your private information private. Don’t say where you live, don’t give away your daily routine, so that he can’t trace you or stalk you if it turns out to be a weirdo, don’t give him money under no circumstances and other personal information he might use to suck dry your bank account.

Photos can be deceitful.

Do not base your decision to talk with a potential Sugar Daddy, or to dismiss him, based on his photos alone. Photos can be deceitful and tricky in both ways – while his photos may be magazine-cover perfect, he may have a personality that you may hate, or even though the photos are not that alluring, he may prove to be an exciting guy, someone that you can connect instantly with, talk for hours, laugh and have a great vibe with!

Say No to cheesy pickup lines!

If his pickup lines are cheesy, are well crafted and lack personality, don’t fall for his charms and try to make him reveal his true self, because this is the only way you can know if he is good Sugar Daddy material or not.

Don’t trust everything he says!

Try to be as objective as possible and not fall for everything he says. Instead what you can do is pay attention to his stories and see if there are any inconsistencies there, ask questions, show interest and see if what he says makes sense or if he gets lost in his own made up stories.

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