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Become a long-term Sugar Baby, GUARANTEED!

Sep 22, 2022 | Advice

Being in a long-term Sugar Relationship is the goal for the Sugar Babies that are in the Sugar Dating Scene and want to stay there for a while. And the reason is simple: having a long-term Sugar Daddy allows you to better manage your Sugar Baby time and personal time, offers you space to invest in your personal projects and gives you financial security.

But being a long-term Sugar Baby is not that easy, because it involves a lot of time, energy and attention directed towards “reading” the needs of your Sugar Daddy, all while constantly being aware of your moves and making sure that you are not crossing any boundaries.

So yeah, basically you need to be constantly improving yourself, be happy, be attentive, be involved, be discreet, be interested in his interests, all while giving him space to breath, not getting too comfy in your arrangement, and not being overly attached.

Do you feel your head spinning? We get you, but here are some tips and tricks that if followed will offer you a better shot of becoming a long-term Sugar Baby!

No room for games

In a Sugar Relationship there is no room for playing games (the only games allowed are sex games and boardgames!). So, start your Sugar Relationship by setting some ground rules. Be straightforward about what you need out of this arrangement and make sure to ask your Sugar Daddy, in detail, about his expectations, about the types of dates you’ll be having, the estimated amount of time he wants the two of you to spend together, the rules regarding communication via phone and texts, your definite “don’ts” and his “must’s”.

Talk about deal breakers

In every relationship, traditional or the Sugar type, there are such things called deal-breakers, things that are a big “No-No” and can end your agreement right away.

A deal-breaker may be if your Sugar Daddy asks you for exclusivity, and you agree, only to betray his trust by seeing other Sugar Daddies at the same time.

Another deal-breaker may be time related – if your Sugar Daddy always needs you available, and he is willing to pay for that, and you refuse to meet him when he asks you to.

A deal breaker for you could be related to payment – if he doesn’t offer you the monthly allowance on time, or if he promises to take care of your tuition and he fails to do so, or if your arrangement is based on gifts, and he is not providing any for a long period of time.

Always up your game

Never get too comfortable and assume that you’ve got your Sugar Daddy in your pocket, because if he feels like you’re taking him for granted, or that you are not making an effort anymore, or that you are not as sweet and playful as you used to be, he can always turn to a different Sugar Baby.

Sugar Dating is your job not your life

Being a Sugar Baby must be a job to you. This way you get to set healthy boundaries and rules and you manage to have some personal space just for yourself, your family and your friends, otherwise you may find yourself completely dragged in this lifestyle, without having a life on your own.

If you keep a distance, and let your Sugar Daddy know that you still have your own life besides Sugar Dating, and that you value your personal space, you will manage not to get too attached.

You want to become a long-term Sugar Baby?

·                 Be yourself

·                 Keep a positive energy

·                 Show interest in what your Sugar Daddy says and does

·                 Be an active listener

·                 Surprise your Sugar Daddy with meaningful small gifts (a book that he may like, a dinner at a place where they serve his favorite dish, tickets to a concert)

·                 Take initiative and show him that you care for his well-being

·                 Be genuine

·                 Have your own passions and share them with your Sugar Daddy

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