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16 and looking for a Sugar Daddy. Is that a bad thing?

Sep 22, 2022 | Advice

You are young, you are not even 18, and you dream of having a Sugar Daddy. Is this thing bad, or is this making you a bad person? No, it doesn’t!

You are young and you want to feel safe, appreciated, admired, pampered, and taken care of, and that’s the most natural feeling in the world. We all feel it, we all crave for security, for appreciation, for splurging without looking at how much things costs, for feeling like we are in the center of someone’s universe.

But at this age being in a Sugar Relationship should not be on your wish list. Being a Sugar Baby requires that you are a certain age, 18+, and as many perks as it may have, it also comes with a lot of dangers, that a young person such as yourself could fall victim of.

There are so many websites out there that are promising you the sun and the moon, only to find out that it is all a scam, so working with a trustworthy Sugar Dating website or app is very important.

And you can tell that a website is legit by looking at certain things such as the reviews you find about that particular website, from both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies, the general aspect of the website, the profiles existing on it and the level of transparency that the website support team provides, when it comes to helping you navigate the Sugar Dating world and learning all there is to learn about this new world you’re about to embark on.

Also, stay away from the so-called Sugar Daddies that you find randomly browsing social media. A serious Sugar Daddy will not just stay on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or Twitter and randomly send messages to girls. A Sugar Daddy that is serious and is committed to what a Sugar Relationship really means will have a strong profile on a Sugar Dating website or app, will have information displayed on his profile and real photos in his photo gallery.

A trustworthy Sugar Daddy will not just go around and send random messages to girls he sees online on different social platforms. A Sugar Daddy that you can trust will know what Sugar Dating really is and will respect the boundaries of a Sugar Arrangement.

Being underaged and not fitted yet to be a Sugar Baby, makes you a potential victim to all the scammers out there. Do not engage in online relationships with strangers online that will promise you the Sugar Lifestyle. Wait till you are old enough to make your own profile on a Sugar Dating website or app of your choosing, read all there is to read about being a Sugar Baby, look at the arrangement as it is a binding contract between two parties, the Sugar Daddy and the Sugar Baby, see what your part of the arrangement is and if you are ok with it and make sure to respect it, and set the right boundaries for you when it comes to your expectations from the Sugar Daddy.

Meanwhile work on creating a strong support system of friends and family around you, get a seasonal job, build your confidence and discover yourself, your likes, your dislikes, things that you are ok with and things that are out of your comfort zone.

The most important thing about being a Sugar Baby is knowing yourself first and your needs, respecting yourself, building self-confidence and having good friends around you. Only then you are ready to be a Sugar Baby, because self-love and self-respect will attract just that, love, and respect from others and especially from your future Sugar Daddy!

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