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Make your profile stand out on a Sugar Dating website

Jan 16, 2023 | Tips

If you want to create a profile of your own on a Sugar Dating website, you must approach it as you would write your resume, if you want to be seen by the “big players”. So, don’t just throw a short description and some photos you have on your phone and call it a day, because this won’t get you those Sugar Daddies you are craving for.

Instead, you must:

  1. Stay authentic and honest
  2. Show a positive side of yourself
  3. Double check your grammar
  4. Fulfill your sugar baby profile

A profile is composed of two main things: your photos and your description, and each of these are loaded with hidden messages. So, here are some advice that you can apply, to make your profile stand out and get the attention that you desire.

Do some research

Before starting to write your “About Me” text do some research and see how others perceive you. Talk with some of your friends and ask them to tell you how they see you as a person and talk with some of your ex-partners, if you’re in touch with any of them, for short feedback.

Sometimes, the ones that know us the best can pinpoint some character traits of ours that we simply don’t see or notice. Use this useful information in your description!

Also, when writing about you, make sure to stay authentic and honest and say things about yourself that really make you stand out, personal things that you can share with others to let them know how amazing you are.

Talk about your passions, your quirks, what you like to do in your free time, what’s your favorite food, what would you take with you on a deserted island. Have a different approach than the majority of Sugar Babies, that say generic things such as: “I love to travel, read and enjoy a fancy meal at a fine dining restaurant”.

Instead, you could say something like: “I love the wine in Tuscany and the fields of lavender in Provence, and my dream vacation would be laying naked on a beach in Zanzibar”.

Try to avoid cliché statements and try saying something that a potential date could use as a conversation starter. You could say something like “growing up with 4 siblings made me this diplomatic, problem solver person I am today”, or “as a dog person, love it or not, early morning jogging is part of my lifestyle”.

Concentrate on aspects of your life and go from there. This way you will attract a Sugar Daddy that has similar interests as you do, or that loves your energy and positive take on life.

Another thing to do before starting to create your profile is browse through other profiles and look for things that you like, and things that you don’t, so that you know what to avoid and what to underline.

Smile and tell a story

Studies have shown that men are more attracted to women that show a big smile in photos, rather than women that pout or are trying to look seductive in a forced manner. So, show of your beautiful smile and don’t try to look as someone you’re not!

Also, when choosing the photos for your profile, try to use action photos, instead of studio like photos, because the photos where you are being caught in action are the most genuine and attract the most attention.

And the photos you are using must also tell a story about yourself. If you love animals, post a photo with you at a pharm, or walking your dog or petting your cat; or if you are outdoorsy post a photo with you on a hike; if you love to dress up and go on fancy restaurants or the Opera, post a photo with you looking all elegant and classy.

Every photo you are choosing for your gallery must be well thought, because it will send a message, and you want it to be a good one. And don’t forget to look carefully at what’s in your background because if you don’t, others will. Make sure not to post a photo with you at home with a sink full of dirty dished, or a photo with you reading in bed with some used tissues on the nightstand, or a pair of undies left on the floor.

Keep in mind not to use group photos because you want to keep the focus on yourself.

Update your profile occasionally

If you have a good profile that doesn’t mean that your job here is done. No, keep updating and changing your profile to stay up to date with the time of the year you’re in and to mix things up a little.

Another thing to consider is your grammar. Check it twice so that there are no mistakes in your text, because nothing is a bigger turn off than a text written in poor grammar.

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