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Dealing with rejection in the Sugar Dating world

Jun 5, 2023 | Tips

Coping with rejection is always difficult in both traditional dating and sugar dating scenarios because we all want to find someone with whom we can have an instant connection or work towards obtaining one.

What you can do, to slim down the chances of getting rejected, is create a better strategy for yourself, where you take a moment to really think about the things that are not negotiable for you in a sugar relationship and the things that you can let slide. When you know what’s important for you and what’s negotiable, the chances of finding the wrong sugar partner are way slimmer.

Also, when you think of how to get a sugar daddy, have realistic expectations. It’s good to know what you want for your sugar daddy, but it is also important to be realistic when it comes to what you can offer. When you have realistic expectations, you tend to orient your search towards users that have a higher chance of turning into potential sugar daddies.

But even when you are well prepared, and you are down to earth and ready to compromise, while trying to figure out how to get a sugar daddy you might find yourself disappointed and rejected.

What you need to know is that rejection IS NOT equal to failure. The chemistry between a sugar baby and a sugar daddy is not always there and is better to be rejected from the very beginning, this allowing you to move on faster and maybe find that sugar daddy that is perfect for you, than linger in an endless dialogue and negotiation with someone that promises you no certain future.

So, take rejection as it comes, feel what you need to feel for a couple of hours or a day, and then push yourself forward, move on and think of it as the universe’s way of cleaning out the path for you, by removing the persons that were not meant to improve your life.

Rejection is not the end of the road, is just the sign that says you need to turn around and try a different path. Eventually the right path for you will be revealed and you will find the sugar daddy for you.

Another way to deal with rejection is not to take it personally. The thing that a certain sugar daddy did not appreciate about you may be the exact thing that makes another sugar daddy want you in his life.

Sugar dating has a strong, realistic side, that separates it from traditional dating that is all about emotions. And you should think about the process of chatting and getting a sugar date in a more objective manner. Talk to as many sugar daddies as you like and see where the chemistry develops.

When you have multiple discussions going on, being rejected by one of them doesn’t seem like a bog deal anymore, because you have higher hopes that something may turn out ok with one of the other sugar dating platform users you are talking with.

So, relax, don’t take it personally, always know your strong and weak points and always have a backup when it comes to sugar dating.

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